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Our Mission

The Mission of Miranda's Smile

The Miranda K. Zeigler Memorial Foundation

"Miranda's Smile"

Bringing smiles to teens with cancer at Penn State Hershey

Children's Hospital and their families and supporting charities that

help children and teens with cancer.

Miranda's Smile wants to honor Miranda's memory by doing what

she wanted to do: caring for and loving and bringing "smiles"

to other teens with cancer. We learned through Miranda that cancer

for a teen is a whole different journey than for a child or an

adult and we want to meet them where they are and go along the

journey with them.

The mission of Miranda's Smile is to raise money to provide

"smiles" to teens with cancer at Penn State Hershey Children's Hospital.

Miranda’s Smile provides mini-wishes like laptops. We feel that the

laptop was EXTREMELY helpful and joyful for Miranda when she

was sick. Laptops are great for treatment days, inpatient stays,

homebound instruction, and when being a "shut in" at home.

Some teens choose iPod Touch, iPad, game systems, etc. as their

mini-wish. These are all items that help with the long hours in clinic

for treatment, inpatient stays and homebound. They also provide a "smiles"

for treatment days and inpatient stays, which may include Visa Gift Cards,

hobby items, video games, movies, etc. When there is a need, they also

provide “family smiles” to help parents and siblings with the financial

struggles of inpatient stays which may include things like gas money,

special grocery needs for the teen and families, for non-prescription medical

needs at home, food money for clinic days and hospital stays for the teen and

family, toiletries and "comfy" stuff for inpatient stays for the teen and

families, and many more things depending on the needs of each

individual teen and family and availability of funds.

Miranda’s Smile also provides special "smiles" during the Christmas season for teens, tweens and children on the Pediatric Oncology Wing at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital and supports the Four Diamonds Fund and other charities that help children and teens with Cancer.



A teen patient or familiy can register via website, phone, email, or contacting Pediatric Oncology Social Work at PSHCH.

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